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Created with Smiles & Love

earl, joanne, major
rio, whiner, amelia, our deer friends, and the Quatro's turkeys

Welcome to the 10th edition of Our Christmas Card. Twenty Five days of useless and time consuming foolishness.


Our Christmas Card Policy: Open only in December and like any good gift, you are not allowed to open a page in the future.

Looking for something new? Think again, it's November 29, 2013 and I haven't been here in about two years. It is all old stuff but you can stop by daily if you like, or once a week. Keep your speakers on (or off) because there is likely to be music and sound effects. Now all you do is click our calendar for the day you want.

Have a great holiday season in any way you choose. We wish you good health, prosperity, and a year filled with love, happiness and success.